Gary Edwards

Gary Edwards

Gary A. Edwards Composer


Gary A. Edwards was born in Spokane, Washington. He started playing string bass in the Spokane Symphony orchestra at age 18. Gary graduated from Indiana University with a BME degree.


Gary taught public school instrumental music and played bass in the Louisville Symphony Orchestra.


Since 1956, Gary has performed in bands of all sizes from single to symphony and all styles from opera to rock and country; to classical, choral and musical theatre.


Gary composes in most styles including classical, rock, country, children's, jazz, choral, gospel and musical theatre. He has published eight books and dozens of articles published in magazines. His music has received airplay in Washington, Idaho and other states and internationally in Argentina, Russia, Estonia and other countries.


He writes for various types of groups including piano solo, cello solo, bass solo and duet, string trio, string orchestra, youth orchestra, full orchestra, wind, band and brass ensemble, pit orchestra, rock and country bands at all levels of difficulty.


Gary's musical The Friendly Enemy, about a couple's harrowing experiences on the other side in World War II premiered on stage April, 2008 and on CMTV Channel 14 in Spokane in 2008.


He has released six CDs, two music videos and formed Edwards Music company ASCAP that primarily releases his music.  Gary currently works as a composer for video soundtracks and Editor/Videographer at CMTV Channel 14 in Spokane, Washington and writes reviews for New Music Connoisseur Magazine.