Gary Edwards

Double Bass Concerto No.1, 1st Movement

Gary Edwards
Gary Edwards
Classical / Concerto
Violin, Viola, Cello, Double bass
Scored for
Solo, String orchestra
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Full score
D minor
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Year of composition

The composer’s main instrument in college was the string bass which he studied under David Whisner at the University of Idaho and Murray Grodner at Indiana University, graduating in 1964.

The Double Bass Concerto #1 (Total Time = 20:26 minutes:seconds) is available for solo bass and piano and solo bass and string orchestra. The plan is to arrange it also for full orchestra and solo bass.

The Double Bass Concerto #1 has three movements. The first movement 10:38 minutes long begins in the key of g minor with a classical style Theme A melody played by the orchestra, and repeated by the solo bass. There is a four bar orchestral transition melody followed by the bass playing Theme B, a romantic sounding melody, which is echoed by the orchestra. A choral type Theme C is played by the bass, echoed by the orchestra, while the bass plays grand arpeggios.

Theme D of the first movement consists of a two-part fugue reminiscent of Johann Sebastian Bach. Theme E maintains the Bachian feel, but without the counterpoint, as the bass and orchestras take turns playing the melody as the other playing the accompaniment. Theme F is introduced as a rollicking melody which transitions into a round evolving into another traditional romantic melody Theme G introduced by the bass and repeated by the orchestra.

The solo bass then plays a cadenza which introduces variations on some of the themes already played and some new material, as well.

The orchestra resumes playing eventually with a new Theme H. As the theme continues the string bass joins in with a descant melody. struggling with the orchestra for dominance. After a tug of war for attention, the bass wins the struggle for dominance, introducing a bold Theme I melody. The orchestra meekly follows with a theme J, repeated by the solo bass. Theme A leads us towards the climactic ending of the first movement.

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