Gary Edwards

30 Dez 2019, News
2019 A Good Year for Creativity
In April 5th, 2019 Eastern Washington University presented a concert of five songs from my Qualchan Opera.In October I produced and directed a show at the Coeur d'Alene Tribal Casino featuring  Cecilia Curtis singing Mildred Bailey songs. In November, I wrote songs for a movie. I composed the Wataino CD with Orlando Sanchez. Eastern Washington University is doing a concert of the music in the spring. Visit my home website at and sign up as a fan to get monthly blogs.
19 Jan 2012, News
2011 important music events in the life of Gary A. Edwards
I’ve had another busy year writing music and making films.   I just released a new CD called The Windows To Your Soul sung by a fantastic singer named Timari. I went to Hollywood for two weeks in April and pitched a TV show idea called Karaoke Nights based on his musical.   He had lunch with Paul Williams, among other notables.’ My string bass concerto #1 was premiered at the Coeur d’Alene Highs School and was well-received. I also wrote a piece called Lily’s Sonata for viola and a ...